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Social sites are in thing today for all the businesses big or small, who wish to build their brand and market their products and services. Ezz Solutions has expertise over social marketing as their team can gauge the pulse of the users thru their innovative social interactive portal.  You can depend upon the team as they carry years of valuable experience in the IT industry.


There are wide variety of people from various walks of life, active on the social sites, due to it’s craze and easy availability of mobile and the net facility.  But it’s the beauty and style of approach of the company that makes it hit or miss of any campaign. Understanding the nuances of the public  behavior and mood is very very important for achieving success.  Ezz Solutions and it’s confident team are well versed with the tricks of  trade to deliver the needed results ethically.


If  you wish to launch a full-size social networking product or to just extend your currently run application with social media tool,  simply rely on Ezz Solutions to incorporate the smart features that’s required for the project with all the tools for enhanced visibility and delighted user’s experience.


Ezz Solutions also builds custom social  media marketing solutions,  white labels it and integrates the social networking software as part of its services on project to project basis. Ezz Solutions focuses on building strong online communities of people who share common interests and participate in online activities. Ezz Solutions runs campaign to find people who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others too.  The solutions comes with all provisions thru open APIs, service oriented design and the facility to upload unlimited data and media.  Ezz Solutions is  one of the very few having firm foot in the IT industry for such a long period.   


Ezz Solutions  offerings in the social networking arena include :


#   Development of Social Networking Portal
#   Anonymous Portal sharing
#   Online Chat Apps on desktop/ mobile
#   Apps and Portal for Dating
#   API integration with Facebook & it’s widgets
#   API linking with Instagram , LinkedIn, Twitter and more..
#   Audio video sharing & uploading system
#   Internal messaging & notifications
#   Photo & Video galleries
#   Managing Member friend’s network
#   Phonebook Based network


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