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Point of Sales

A place where sales are executed, and it is generally implemented at a small level, such as at malls (cash counters) or in a market/city. The major use of modern POS system is to automatize routine processes and provide accurate reports for concrete decision-making. From the angle of a retailer, POS is said to be a place where the customer completes and processes their transactions. Also, electronic POS systems streamline retail operations using automated transaction processes and track important sales data. Another name to it is the point of purchase.


What can you do with a POS system?

•    Helps you in analyzing overall sales data along with deciphering how well all the items on your marketplace are faring in terms of sales and adjust purchasing levels according to the needs of the user
•    Maintains a history of buying sales and purchases in order to adjust the buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends
•    Improvise the pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorisation ability
•    Fast Billing, Integrated Shipping along with end-to-end Inventory Management
What benefits does a POS have?
•    Increases functionality for the consumers. POS systems allow card readers as well as barcode readers. Hence, the consumers find it easy to use
•    Based on POS Systems, our clients can track price accuracy, gross profits/loss as well as look into the consumer behaviour into buying products
•    Time-Saving is indeed one of the most beneficial facets. POS Systems at different points in a retail outlet help to save time as well as reduces human resource requirement, which is prone to errors
•    For our clients, the POS System is a great way to increase impulse purchases from customers
•    POS Systems help remove customer service issues. This, in turn, builds a loyal customer base for our clients
•    Helps our clients to know their ROI (Return on Investment)
•    Point of Sale (POS) Technology comes with a combination of POS hardware as well as POS software
•    Clients can use a POS system to create their own purchase orders, eliminating an extra step in the ordering process. They can even automate the ordering process to make sure the client’s customers never run out of the most selling products
•    The maintenance and repair costs are often much lower with a POS system device than a cash register. The number of companies that repair cash registers is decreasing, and that means that repair costs could be high, leading to the client’s loss. There are many vendors who repair POS devices at lower costs

Ezz Solutions Ltd. provides the latest and technically advanced POS systems with all features that cater to end-to-end solutions and ensures that the customers don’t face any hassles while using the software. Industry-specific POS packages are available, and in addition to that, we will also tailor and customize the software to your needs.



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