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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

The need of today

Digitisation is becoming rampant, so it is important to maintain a good profile of your brand and company on the web. For this, you will necessarily need an Online Reputation Manager.


What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

ORM is your online reputation that others will see when they search for you online. Your brand name, brand value and the image of your brand are a few things which are handled by an Online Reputation Manager.


It is important to understand that you need Online Reputation Management to maintain a good image of your company online. Once things like an article or feedback are put up on the internet, they might be there forever. If it is a good one, you might not want to take it down, but a negative write-up can affect your reputation. Also, you may never know what combination of keywords people use where your company may end up being the search result. Online Reputation Management will help you with these complexities and ensure that you have a positive online presence.


How does ORM work ?

ORM is a team of PR gurus and Tech experts who identify what works well for the company. They counteract the gossip, negative reviews and feedbacks that may affect the reputation of the company negatively. Instead, they put forth good content that will benefit the company. They even look at your social media handles as they can be influential in forming an opinion about your company. For example, if a website is doing great, but the search results show negative reviews on Facebook, it will create a negative impact on the user. Here, the Online Reputation Management has to make sure that the popularity of the website is in sync with the social media posts.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Reputation Management work to promote the website but they differ in their function and purpose. The goal of SEO is to make a certain page rank as high as possible regardless of the information, but ORM looks after what comes up in the search results as it will define the way in which a person will look at the website and the brand. ORM will make sure that people read only good things about the website and engage more audience towards a positive image of the company.


SEO is based on keywords. For example, a food website may get visitors based on "Batumi food" and "Street food". But those keywords do not highlight what the user is searching for. The user might be searching for Street food only in Batumi, and they may get results of Street food in Tbilisi. Here, SEO goes wrong. Online Reputation Management does this task more efficiently. It makes sure that people get relevant information and their purpose is served.


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