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The large numbers of unemployment on one side and the need of skilled and capable workforce on the other side by the industry has been rising at a fast pace.  This has given the need for Job portal which has system for all to go in an organized manner and fulfill their respective requirements.


The Job portal facilitates candidates fresh or experienced to fill information including their resumes online. It also gives them opportunity to showcase their talent for employers to find them and hire them. Any candidate can search the positions available from multiple companies and choose the post he/she would be interested to apply for.  On the same ground employer companies have the platform here to showcase their company’s credentials and opening vacancies in their organization as and when it takes place. They have the facility to download the resumes submitted by the candidates and choose and call them as per their schedule. The portal services both the needs and hence is one of the popular IT solutions for them.  The third category who also uses these job portals are the agencies who do the match making exercise for the companies. They hunt the candidates using these portals only.


Today if you are looking to start your own Consultancy or Recruitment firm a good job portal is a must. Where you can handle multiple client companies as well as the candidates fresher or experienced.  Job portal has lots of Features to run your business smoothly by minimizing the  manual work to the least. Job Portals provide a platform for the employers to meet the prospective employees and provide jobs as per qualifications and experience.

We at Ezz Solutions provide the Job portal with cutting edge technology that will help enable you also to process payments directly through the online payment gateway.


Our Solutions in Job Portal Development:


#    Job Portal concept Design and Development
#    Recruitment Portal Development
#    Job Portal Custom Development
#    Job Website Development
#    Job Web Application Development
#    Maintenance of Job Portal Solution


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